Past Events

June 13, 2024 Summer Dinner Party!
May 30, 2024 2024 SEPC Estate Planning Forum
May 9, 2024 May 2024 Meeting
Chris Hamilton, CPA, CFE, CVA - Using Financial Disclosures in Forensic / Fraud Examinations
April 11, 2024 April 2024 Meeting
Jeffrey K. Eisen, Esq.
March 14, 2024 March 2024 Meeting
Hon. Ana Maria Luna and Hon. Mary Thorton House (Ret.)
February 8, 2024 February 2024 Meeting
Nicholas Van Brunt - "What Have Your Tax Dollars Wrought This Year? The Key Legislative Developments from 2023 that Trust and Estate Practitioners Should Know"
January 11, 2024 January 2024 Meeting
Hon. Glen M. Reiser, Ret. -
December 14, 2023 December Meeting
Nancy Reinhardt, Jonathan Cole, Joel A. Osman and Robert Barton - Rule of Professional Conduct 8.3 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the Unknown
November 9, 2023 November Meeting
J.D. Rees
October 12, 2023 October Meeting
Blake A. Rummel and M. Cris Armenta
September 14, 2023 September 14 Meeting - First meeting of the fiscal year!
Vanessa Haberbush and Richard Brownstein
June 15, 2023 End of Year Party at Sagebrush!
No speaker - just good company!
May 4, 2023 May Meeting
Andrew M Katzenstein - Estate Planning Update: A discussion of recent cases, rulings and statutory changes.
April 20, 2023 April Meeting
Jonathan Cole - Intentional Interference with Expected Inheritance
March 16, 2023 March Meeting
Hon. Glen M Reiser and NR - Subtrust Funding and Allocation
February 16, 2023 February Meeting
Marshal Oldman - Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Significant Probate and Trust Legislation and Opinions
January 19, 2023 January Meeting
Nick Van Brunt, Eva Van Brunt - How to Handle High Profile Cases in the Media
December 6, 2022 December Meeting
Hon. Mary Thornton House - Impact Bias: What is it and How Can I Avoid It
November 17, 2022 November Meeting
Stephanie Buckley - Charitable Planning Strategies for Business Owners
October 20, 2022 October Meeting
Erin Spaulding and Vanita Spaulding - Caddyshack, the Movie: A Valuable Source of Wisdom for Estate Planning Purposes
September 15, 2022 September Meeting
Kira S. Masteller - Why a Buy Sell Agreement?
June 7, 2022 June LIVE - IN PERSON! - Meeting
Summer Social Happy Hour
May 3, 2022 May LIVE - IN PERSON! - Meeting
Nancy Reinhardt & Nicholas Van Brunt - "Are You My Client? Are You Really My Client? Are You Really Sure?"
April 20, 2022 NAEPC Webinar: Ten Ways to Protect Your Client's Digital Assets
Betsy L. Ehrenberg
April 6, 2022 April ZOOM Meeting
Nancy Reinhardt & Matthew D. Kanin "A deeper dive: adapting to AB1194, and anticipating its challenges"
March 2, 2022 March ZOOM Meeting
Hon Glen M. Reiser, Ret. and Mark A. Lester, Esq. - Title: Breslin and the All Too Common Circumstance of the Non-Participating Beneficiary
February 2, 2022 WHT&EPC Zoom Meeting
Jacey L. Hayes - Formula GPOAs, Aggregate Agreements, and More: How To Make The Most Of Your Estate Planning Documents
January 5, 2022 January (2022!!!) Meeting
Stuart D. Zimring - Pooled Special Needs Trusts: Why We Love Them and Why We Use Them
December 8, 2021 WHETPC Holiday Party! (No MCLE or CPE but a lot of fun)
November 3, 2021 November 3 ZOOM Meeting
Miriam Piven Cotler, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, CSUN Clinical Ethicist - “Ethics and the Law: Living Together and Apart”
October 6, 2021 October 6 ZOOM Meeting
Mitch Rosenberg, CFP, CLU, MSFS,AEP, CEPA and Melissa Winn, Corporate Vice President and Advanced Planning Consultant for New York Life Insurance Company
June 23, 2021 NAEPC Webinar: 2021 Income Tax Planning Strategies including IRA Strategies
Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP® (Distinguished), CGMA
June 9, 2021 June Meeting
Adam Earl Executive Vice President of Operations National Care Advisors
May 5, 2021 May Meeting
Wendy Hartmann, Esq., David Paddock, CPA, and Jenny Pizer, Esq. of Lambda Legal
April 7, 2021 April Meeting
Vanita Spaulding
March 10, 2021 NAEPC Webinar: The Future Client and Future Advisor
George Nichols III, President & CEO, The American College of Financial Services and Dien Yuen, JD, LL.M. (International Law), CAP®, AEP®
March 3, 2021 March Meeting
Stuart D. Zimring
February 3, 2021 February Meeting
Nancy Reinhardt and Mark Lester
January 6, 2021 January 2021 (!) Meeting
Robert King
December 2, 2020 December Meeting
Greg Burns, Sr. V.P., IPX1031 - "1031 Exchanges"
November 4, 2020 November Meeting
Nick Van Brunt of Sheppard Mullin and Scott E. Rahn of RMO are co-presenting, "Trusts and Estates Litigation Updates and Developments"
October 14, 2020 NAEPC WEBINAR Planning for International Families in a time of COVID-1
Joseph A. Field, Senior Counsel
October 7, 2020 October ZOOM Meeting POSTPONED
September 2, 2020 September Meeting
Hon. Mary Thornton House, Retired -
June 3, 2020 June ZOOM Meeting
Jeffrey K. Eisen and Kathy Adams, “Estate Planning Issues In These Pivotal and Unprecedented Times.”​
May 6, 2020 May Meeting
“Zooming Through the Pandemic: A panel discussion on the CARES Act—Taxes, Employment Issues and the Economic Results of the Stimulus Packages.”
April 1, 2020 April Meeting -- C A N C E L L E D
March 4, 2020 March Roundtable
Eden Gillott: How To Manage Game Of Thrones Worthy Disputes
March 4, 2020 March Meeting
Sarah Broomer, Hon. Mary Thornton House, Virginia Sharpe - A Conversation on the Way to RFA
February 5, 2020 February Roundtable
Laurel Mintz, JD/MBA and CEO of Elevate My Brand - Elevating Your Personal Brand
February 5, 2020 February Meeting
Joshua R. Furman - I Did What?! Probate Issues that Can Land You in a Malpractice Case
January 8, 2020 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
The Honorable Glen M. Reiser (retired)
January 8, 2020 January Meeting
Hon. Glen M. Reiser, Ret. - Nothing is Certain Except Death and Community Property
December 4, 2019 December Meeting
David B Connelly, CPA, JD - Accounting for Lawyers
December 4, 2019 December Roundtable
Scott McIntyre - Cyber Security
November 6, 2019 November Meeting
Vanita Spaulding - Your New Client Owns a Cannabis Business. What Now??
November 6, 2019 November Roundtable
William Lieb from Manfredi Levine - Airbnb, short term rentals
October 2, 2019 October Roundtable
Greg Burns from IPX1031 - Current Topics & Trends in 1031 Exchanges
October 2, 2019 October Meeting
David W. Trader, M.D. and Darryl W Cluster of Greenberg Glusker - The Psychology of Money, Gifting, and Death
September 4, 2019 September Meeting
Reynolds Cafferata - Estate of Duke: How has Reformation of Wills Been Implemented.
June 5, 2019 June Dinner
May 1, 2019 May Roundtable
Lynda I. Chung - Post-Mortem Debt Collection
May 1, 2019 May Meeting
Allan B. Cutrow - You Know They Are Going to Fight - How Do You Control Them? Anticipating Disputes in Trust and Estate Administration
April 3, 2019 April Roundtable
Kathy Sorenson - Insuring Property for Trustees
April 3, 2019 April Meeting
Stuart Zimring - 50 Shades of Gray Hair - Legal Issues Surrounding Interpersonal Relationships in ALFs and SNFs.
March 6, 2019 March Meeting
James F. Huyck - Navigating the Regional Center System
March 6, 2019 March Roundtable
Bunni Dybnis - If You Love Your Mother More Than Hate Your Brother-Family Solutions
February 6, 2019 February Meeting
Cynthia Elkins - The Latest and (Not So) Greatest in Employment Law for 2019
February 6, 2019 February Roundtable
Stuart Zimring - The Elder Friendly Office
January 9, 2019 January Meeting
Hon. Glen M. Reiser, Ret. - SLAPP the No-Contest Clause
January 9, 2019 January Roundtable
Barry A Sikov, Health Plan Adviser - Retiring or Aging-in to Medicare versus Employer Sponsored Insurance
December 5, 2018 December Meeting
Larry Dushkes - “Sex, Lies, and Trust Creditor’s Claims”
December 5, 2018 December Roundtable
Barry W. Krowne, CPA - Section 199A - Basics/Unknowns/Opportunities
November 7, 2018 November Meeting
Chris Hamilton, CPA, CFE, CVA - 10 Facts to Simplify and Clarify Business Valuation
November 7, 2018 November Roundtable
Marcine Kline - Why Using an Escrow Company can be beneficial in a Beneficiary Buy-Out Situations
October 3, 2018 October Roundtable
Andrew L Gantman, CPA - What Do Estate Planners and Administrators Need To Know Regarding Foreign Beneficiaries?
October 3, 2018 October Meeting
Jennifer Felten, Esq. - Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, and Cannabis, Oh My: Hot Topics in Real Estate and Banking
September 5, 2018 September Meeting
Kevin J. Moore, Esq. - Recurring Issues in Estate and Gift Taxation for Non-Resident Aliens Investing in US Property
June 6, 2018 Annual End-Of-Year Meeting
May 2, 2018 May Meeting
Carol Bradford: Your Client Wants to "Give Back" - How to Give Charitable Planning Advice that Makes You Look Like a Star
May 2, 2018 May Roundtable
Marty Seiden of Gish Seiden - Trust and Estate Income Taxes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and 706 Filing Tips
April 4, 2018 April Meeting
Marc L. Sallus: How a No Contest Clause Could be Slapped Around
April 4, 2018 April Roundtable
Dennis Clapp of U.S. Trust - What is the Deal with Bitcoin?
March 7, 2018 March Meeting
Hon. Glen m. Reiser
February 7, 2018 February Meeting
Erin L Prouty, William F. Kruse, and Megan Ferkel Earhart - Family Dynamics: Problem Children and Other Dysfunctions
February 7, 2018 February Roundtable
Dennis Clapp and Lisa Wells of U.S. Trust - Death and Banks
January 3, 2018 January Meeting
Jeffrey K. Eisen, Esq., Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, LLP- Now What: Transfer Tax Planning Under the New Tax Law
January 3, 2018 January Roundtable
Josh Yager of Anodos Advisors - Prudent Investor Rule
December 6, 2017 December Meeting
Gregory Broege: An Unholy Alliance: CA Documentary Transfer Tax and Change in Ownership Law
December 6, 2017 December Roundtable
Curt Portzel of Pepperdine University's Center for Estate and Gift Planning - Tax Strategies for Gift Planning with Commercial Real Estate
November 15, 2017 November Meeting (rescheduled)
Nicholas Van Brunt of Sheppard Mullin: It's an Honor, But Is It a Privilege?
November 15, 2017 November Roundtable (rescheduled)
Muhannad Malki of In Touch - Mitigating Cyber Security Risks in Your Practice
October 4, 2017 October Meeting
Joseph Silvoso, Michel & Associates: Gun Trust and Related Issues
October 4, 2017 October Roundtable
Joseph Silvoso - Gun Trusts
September 6, 2017 September Meeting
Richard A. Luftman, Esq.:Navigating LA County LPS Conservatorships: A Practical Perspective
June 7, 2017 June Meeting
Last meeting of the year...
May 3, 2017 May Roundtable
Nancy Reinhardt, Mark Lester
May 3, 2017 May Meeting
Speakers: Jessica A. Uzcategui, Esq. and Jodi Pais Montgomery
April 5, 2017 April Roundtable
Matthew D Kanin, Esq. Beverly Hills: "Safe Handling required: How to administer and plan for decedent estates with firearms"
April 5, 2017 April Meeting
Kira Masteller and Mishawn Nolan: Don’t Forget the Intellectual Property!
March 6, 2017 WHT&EPC Wine Club
March 1, 2017 March Roundtable
William Wolf, CPA Managing Partner, Encino Squar Milner LLP: "Private Foundations - Accounting Traps for the unwary"
March 1, 2017 March Meeting
Jane Peebles: "Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds or Both?"
February 1, 2017 February Roundtable
"Life Insurance Planning for High Net Worth Clients and their Advisors - The Great, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!" Mitch Rosenberg, CFP®, CLU®, CPA (Inactive), MSFS, AEP®
February 1, 2017 February Meeting
Seth Krasilovsky - "Getting Clear on Going Grey: Identifying and Addressing Diminished Capacity"
January 4, 2017 January Roundtable
Geoff Seaman, JD, MBA, TEP
January 4, 2017 January Meeting
Heather Hamilton: "How to Review a Fiduciary Accounting"
December 7, 2016 December Roundtable
Alex Frolof: Retirement Plans, Elections, Readiness
December 7, 2016 December Meeting
Scott Macdonald and Paul Bartschi: Ethics of Investing & The Fiduciary Standard
November 2, 2016 November Roundtable
Part II: Nancy Reinhardt and Eugene Belous
November 2, 2016 November Meeting
Mark Lester, Sanctions and Surcharges: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
November 2, 2016 Federal, State, Local and International Taxation Conference
CalCPA Education Foundation
October 5, 2016 October Meeting
Hon Glen M. Reiser: "Probate Version 2016.0"
October 5, 2016 October Roundtable
Nancy Reinhardt and Eugene Belous,
September 7, 2016 First Meeting of 2016 - 2017!
Wine and Cheese!
July 26, 2016 Trials of the Century
Author, Mark J. Phillips and Aryn Z. Phillips
June 15, 2016 Annual Dinner
May 4, 2016 Round Table Topic: Investing in Today's Climate
Harold Davidson, DBA, CRA, President - Harold Davidson & Associates
May 4, 2016 Dinner Topic: Incapacity Issues: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
David W. Trader, M.D.
April 6, 2016 Dinner Topic: Gray Divorce -- Crossover Issues Between Family Law and Probate
Hon. Reva Goetz, Ret.
April 6, 2016 Roundtable Topic: Professionals Rethink Reverse Mortgages
Mark Klein and Joe Conrad, Skyline Home Loans, Reverse Mortgage Specialists
March 2, 2016 Dinner Topic: A View from the Bench
Honorable Maria Stratton, LASC Probate Judge
March 2, 2016 Round Table
Randy C. Brust, MAI, Crescent Realty Advisors, Inc.
February 3, 2016 Dinner Topic: The Current State of Estate and Gift Tax Valuations
Carsten Hoffman, FMV Opinions
February 3, 2016 Roundtable Topic: The Probate Referee's Point of View
Patti Kraakevik, California Proate Referee
January 6, 2016 Secrets of the Dirty Filthy Rich: Tax and Asset Protection Planning Techniques for the Affluent Family and Business Owner
Jeffrey Verdon, Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group LLP
January 6, 2016 Roundtable - “Employment Law Update”
Cynthia Elkins, Esq.
December 2, 2015 Roundtable Topic: Surety Bonds and the Courts: Problems and Solutions
Will Mingram of Bond Services
December 2, 2015 Dinner Topic: Secrets of the Dirty Filthy Rich: Tax and Asset Protection Planning Techniques for the Affluent Family and Business Owner
Jeffrey Verdon, Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group LLP
November 4, 2015 “International Estate Planning: We're Not in Kansas Anymore”
Alec C. Yarbrough, Esq. | Venable LLP
November 4, 2015 Dinner Topic: Multistate and International Taxation of Trusts
William Norman, Ord & Norman
October 7, 2015 Dinner Topic: Incorporating Levels of Asset Protection into Your Client's Plans
Jonathan Mintz, Matsen Voorehees Mintz LLP
October 7, 2015 Roundtable Topic: Current Updates in the Fine and Decorative Arts Market
Joe Baratta, Abell Auction Co.
September 2, 2015 Roundtable: Wine and Cheese
September 2, 2015 Dinner Topic: How Not to Commit Malpractice – Property Tax Legal Entity Change in Ownership Law
Gregory R. Broege, of Ajalat, Polley
June 10, 2015 "Lessons From The Sterling Saga"
Alan Yoshitake, Department Chair of Seyfarth LLP's National Trust & Estate Practice and Laura Zwicker, Chair of Greenberg Glusker's Private Client Services Department
May 6, 2015 Dinner, Elliot L. Shell, CPA: "Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: What Do They Want From Us?"
Elliot L. Shell, CPA
May 6, 2015 Roundtable, Nancy Reinhardt and Elliot Shell, "Are Those Payments Really a Gift or ???"
Nancy Reinhardt and Elliot Shell, CPA
April 1, 2015 Roundtable "Advanced Tax and Estate Planning Ideas Using an Annuity". Power Planning: Trust Owned Annuities
Brian Fisher Regional Vice President- Central CA Jackson National Life Distributors LLC
April 1, 2015 Dinner, Meg Lodise Esq.: "The Twilight Zone: Pros and Cons of Conservatorship - Why Trusts and Powers of Attorney Aren't Enough"
Meg Lodise, Esq.
March 4, 2015 Dinner, Jessica Uzcategui: "Fees and Formalities: Litigating Trust Fee Petitions and the Harmless Error Doctrine"
Jessica Uzcategui
March 4, 2015 Roundtable, Dave Richards, "10 Things Your Clients Should Know to Prepare Their Business For Sale"
Dave Richards, CBI, President KeyStone Business Advisors, Business Brokerage | Mergers & Acquisitions
February 4, 2015 Dinner, Matthew Burke, Esq., "Proposition 13--Common Property Tax Problems for Estate Planners and Fiduciaries"
Matthew Burke, Esq.
February 4, 2015 Roundtable, Lauren Hein, "ETF's 101"
Lauren Hein, Regional Consultant, State Street Global Advisors
January 7, 2015 Dinner, James R. Birnberg, Esq., "CA Legislation 2014 Affecting Probate Estates, Trusts, Guardianships, and Conservatorships"
January 7, 2015 Roundtable, Mike Berry, "So You Want to Set up a Private Foundation?"
Michael Berry, CPA & CONSULTANT for Tax Exempt Organizations & Charitable Giving
December 3, 2014 Roundtable, Katrina Jacobs: “An Update on World Markets from $200-Billion-Under-Management Guggenheim”
Katrina Jacobs, Regional Vice President, Guggenheim Investments
December 3, 2014 Dinner, Mark J. Phillips, Esq. and Steven Hunt, Ph.D, "The Change of Testamentary Capacity: Part II – The Practice View"
Mark J. Phillips, Esq. and Steven Hunt, Ph.D
November 5, 2014 Roundtable, Matthew Mahoney: "AB241, AB10, The Affordable Care Act, and The Rise in Minimum Wage"
Matthew Mahoney, Director of Admissions for 24Hr Home Care LLC
November 5, 2014 Dinner, Hon. Glen M. Reiser: "A Probate Judge's Insight into Incapacity Issues"
Hon. Glen M. Reiser
October 1, 2014 Dinner, Andrew M. Katzenstein, Esq.:"Comments on GST Planning"
Andrew M. Katzenstein, Esq.
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